Product / Solutions Areas

  • Wind turbine design & engineering services
  • Key components & Systems of wind turbine
  • Condition Monitoring System
  • Lightening & over voltage protection
  • Wind turbine control system
  • Power converters
  • SCADA system, Park Power Management System 
  • Software to predict power generation
  • Factory Automation and plant machinery
  • Custom designed machines & systems for maintenance

Solution Centric Model

KgGuruji enters in to Sales Process Outsourcing relationship with foreign company to develop India market for products & solution. It's solution centric model that engages prospective clients in different way to achieve success in market share, sales volume, profit & image. 

Benefit to foreign company

  • Increase market share, sales volume and profit
  • Improves brand image 
  • Increases customer satisfaction 
  • ​​Save cost associated with entire sales cycle from abroad
  • Increases predictability of cost
  • Better research about client, their needs, issues, challenges, people involved in client side, competitors, other trends
  • Ready office set-up in India that increases visibility 
  • Drastically improves response time to prospects & clients
  • Reallocate existing resources to other markets or clients 
  • Utilizing specialist knowledge of wind power, local market, relationship with prospects
  • Increases capacity of foreign company to develop innovative solution through exchange of ideas

Sales Process Outsourcing(SPO) 

If you are a company outside India, aspire to be in market 
leader in India, but holding back due to challenges, KgGuruji
helps you to achieve your goals through "SPO".

India Market Potential

  • 3000 MW/year new turbine installation market in India (2013-2022)
  • 25+ wind turbine manufacturers 
  • Requirement to reduce turbine cost, improve performance
  • Gap between component requirement and availability


  • Market Challenges
  • Knowledge of India market, clients & their way of doing business
  • Local and international competition 
  • Total solutions providers are yet to be operational

Client Challenges

  • Qualify prospects, segmentation, selection of right 
  • Less acceptance of higher technology products due to cost
  • Longer sales cycle
  • Unstructured vendor & product development process
  • Distance - cultural + administrative + geographic + economic

Challenges of foreign company

  • Response time
  • Local set-up  in close proximity to client set-ups
  • Travel cost and uncertainty of total cost
  • Visibility & reach
  • Lack of data customers, competitors, price 

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