Audits are ideal way to:

  • analyse processes to pinpoint weakness and target improvements
  • identify problems before they happen
  • implement world-class best practices
  • ensure hands-on control of every area of the business
  • compare and benchmark results with other companies
  • align overall business strategy with the company's needs and strength 

KgGuruji Consulting & Services

Diagnostic Audit - Business Audit

"Neither our concept nor our tools are adequate for the control of operations or for management control. We need new measurements called Business Audit to give us effective control"

KgGuruji offers management & business audit services to business owners and managers. These audits aims as detecting potential management problems that threatens survival and growth. These are designed to provide with a powerful management tool for measuring, assessing and improving performance. Frequently, business owners and managers are so closely involved in firm's operation that it is difficult for them to recognizes primary problem areas. They are working with the firm's problems daily, hence, find it difficult to view them objectively. As a result, they have difficulty assessing the need for changes in policies and procedures to meet fast-changing business conditions. Findings of following audits will help to find areas of improvement and work out action against possible threats; 

  • Business strategy audit
  • Business excellence audit
  • Customer satisfaction audit
  • Customer support audit
  • Customer loyalty audit
  • Cost of quality audit
  • Employee motivation audit
  • Franchising audit
  • Human resource planning audit
  • Human resource information system audit
  • Human resource function audit
  • Leadership skills audit
  • Logistics Audit
  • Marketing plan audit
  • New Product development audit
  • Organisational change audit
  • Partnership and alliances audit
  • Productivity audit
  • Supply chain audit
  • Technology management audit
  • Training need assessment
  • Training & Development audit
  • Team's audit​